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Our Rental Policy

Delivery - If you have selected our delivery option we will contact you to confirm delivery and pick up details. We require payment in full prior to delivery.

Substitution - In case of stock shortage, we reserve the right to substitute equipment with like kind and quality.

Renter Requirements
 - To Rent you must be at least 18yrs old with a valid state issued ID and a major credit card (no debit or prepaid). The rental must be paid with your credit card. If you do not have a major credit card there is an option to run a soft credit check, there is a $25 fee for this and we need the application submitted 48 hours in advance, contact us for details. 

Deposit - In some cases (new accounts, high value equipment) we require a pre-authorization deposit on your credit card, these funds are held on account until the rental is returned. The amount of deposit is calculated based on a percentage of the equipment value. We will notify you if this is required when we receive your reservation.

– All Rentals are payable in full at the time of issue unless a credit account has been established and is in good standing. Rentals may be paid by cash, major credit card or preprinted local check (subject to approval).

– The minimum rental period is one day. A rental day is 24 hours, we generally allow a "return before closing" grace period. Any equipment returned late will incur a late fee in the amount of 50% of the daily charge for each day the item(s) are late.

– Equipment is rented on a pick-up basis from our business location. We will go over the equipment with you and make sure that you are adequately trained to use it as intended.

- You are liable for any physical damage to rental equipment, including rain or water damage, generator high/low voltage or cosmetic damage beyond normal "wear and tear". Excessive dirt, grime or tangled cables may incur a cleaning fee.