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ADJ WMX1 WolfMix Lighting Controller

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ADJ WMX1 WolfMix Lighting Controller
1 Day: $50.00 Extra Day $12.50  

The ADJ Lighting WMX1, powered by Wolfmix, is a standalone lighting control system designed with the performer in mind. Featuring a 4.3” color touchscreen display and 37 backlit silicone buttons, it allows intuitive hands-on control of a DMX lighting setup. It features a toolbox of FX modules and eight independent fixture groups which allow for the simple creation of high-impact light shows on the fly without a computer. Ideal for mobile entertainers as well as bars, clubs, and entertainment venues, this compact but powerful controller puts creative lighting control at any user’s fingertips.

1 Day: $50.00 Extra Day $12.50  
1 Week: $100.00 Extra Day $6.25  

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  • Setup:
    • Standalone (no computer needed)
    • Compatible with any DMX device
    • Standard unit comes with 1 DMX universe but up to 3 additional universes are available as add-ons, which are sold via the WTOOLS app.
    • Up to 680 fixtures & beams
    • Up to 50 fixture types
    • Up to 5000 fixture features (color/gobo etc...)
    • 8 fixture groups
    • 6 projects
    • 15000+ available fixtures (3500+ on the controller)
    • DMX address, fixture order & group setup
    • Use as a DMX splitter with DMX universe mapping
  • Palettes & FX:
    • Color FX module with 8 effect types & 16 definable colors
    • Move FX module with 8 effect types
    • Beam FX module with 8 effect types
    • 6 Flash buttons for controlling Special FX, Strobe, Blinder, Speed, Blackout & Smoke
    • Static color palette with 10 user definable colors per group & gradient control
    • Static position palette with 5 user definable positions per group with fade & fanning
    • Gobo palette with 5 user definable gobos per group
    • 20 namable live edit buttons with flash triggering mode and ‘Park’ function
    • 100 namable presets for storing snapshots with hold and fade timings
    • Preset playback cue list- all presets or per page of 20 presets
  • Control & Sync:
    • Group and master dimming with encoder acceleration
    • Group FLASH, FULL and Blackout
    • 16 bit Pan/Tilt control
    • Multi-beam LED bar control
    • FX music pulse sync from Microphone or Line-In
    • FX BPM sync with Ableton Link, OS2L or BPM TAP
    • Effect Speed, Phase, Order, Size, Fade, Fan & Flick
    • Live control of move FX registration point
    • Global FX speed and freeze control
    • Map DMX IN with group dimmer and patch to output channels*
    • WLINK - sync with another Wolfmix controller
  • Built-in tools:
    • Fixture Builder
    • Fixture calibration tool, to limit the area of moving fixtures
    • X-Y touch controlled positioning grid
    • RGBW touch controlled color picker
    • 8-step real time sequencer for creating beam and move FX
    • Live view of DMX levels with default value override and DMX channel tester
    • Beam Editor to override Min and Max values used in generated FX
  • Other neat features:
    • Calibrate and RGB, White, Amber, UV mixing with automatic fixed color wheel translation
    • Automatic matching of similar gobos across different fixture types
    • Timed release of flash and preset buttons
    • Fixture FLIP function, for reversing beam order
    • Fixture SPLIT function, for splitting up multi-FX bars
    • Lock full controller, or lock editing with a password
    • Project & fixture backup with WTOOLS app
    • Offline 3D visualization with Easy View & WTOOLS over USB*
    • Auto-recovery of active project (no manual saving needed)
    • Import different fixture setups into the same project
    • Starts in under 2 seconds. Starts sending DMX in under 1 second
    • Factory firmware startup recovery mode for times of crisis